Objective 1: Provide a Platform to Member W&S Operators for Collective Thinking, Raising Voice on Policy Issues, Efficiency Gains, Research and Actions

In order to meet this objective, following activities are planned to be performed:

        I.            Collective thinking

      -          Brainstorming sessions

         -          Meetings

     II.            Research and actions ( news letter, journal, policy papers, issue papers and technical notes)


I.            Collective thinking: P-WOPs will provide a platform to its member Operators and other partners to be decided by Steering Committee, with integrated approach where the members can collectively think about how the W&S Operators can improve their efficiency in the delivery of water supply and sanitation services for the consumers. This platform will also help to identify the key issues being faced by the operators and to improve their operational performance in terms of targeted key performance indicators. P-WOPs through its Secretariat will provide this opportunity to organizing various events including brainstorming sessions and meetings. The National Coordinator, P-WOPs will coordinate with all the member operators and other stakeholders to organizing such events.

II.            Research and Actions: P-WOPs will facilitate its member partners to sit together, think collectively and suggest for further actions. In-addition, P-WON will help in exploring the research opportunities by linking member partners with different research institutions at national and global level. It will also keep the W&S Operators in loop initially through its website and news letter and progressively through its policy papers/issue papers, journal, and technical notes on identified areas.

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