Obejective 2: Promote Lateral Leaning Amongst Utilities And Capacity Building Through Twinning & Other Programs

In order to achieve this objective, P-WON will focus on the following activities:

               I.                        Lateral learning 

        - Roundtable discussions

        - Seminars

             II.                        Capacity Building

- Twinning programs

- Trainings

- Exposure visits

 I.                        Lateral Learning: One of the key objectives of P-WON is to promote the Lateral Learning amongst the W&S Operators at national and international level to comprehend its vision and mission. For this purpose, various workshops, roundtable discussions, and seminars will be conducted by P-WON secretariat on key issues related to water and sanitation, During these conferences, the W&S service providers with stronger knowledge in a particular area would be required  to share and transfer their strengths and experiences to those lacking knowledge. In-addition it will also be encouraged to develop a culture in which each operator share its lessons / practices with other operators. As a priority of Secretariat, P-WON will remain engaged to promote its activities and explore new learning opportunities at national, regional and international levels through effective and efficient coordination.

II.                        Capacity Building: The institutional Capacity is evidently the strength of the W&S Operators and is necessary to achieve the MDGs. P-WON will catalyze and encourage operator-to-operator exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, the water operator dialogues will be widened to permit twinning of W&S Operators with the aim of capacity transfer among W&S operators. The capacity of the operators can be better developed by adopting a twinning mechanism at the national and international level. Through twinning, the Expert Twin who has good practices in certain area of W&S will provide coaching to other (Recipient Twin) who is weaker in that particular area. The close liaison between P-WON and its member operators through National Coordinator would help them to explore expert and recipient twins to build and / enhance capacities. The twinning may include exchange of visits and field trainings to be funded by partners.

However, P-WON may facilitate the W&S Operators to conduct their SWOT analysis at the organizational level particularly to assess the organizational competency, water conservation and management, water and sewerage service provisions, and financial sustainability.

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