Objective 3: Coordinate and Link the P-WON Members with Regional and Global Networks

Several associations in water and sanitation sector have already been established and are working closely with regional and global networks to improve the operational capabilities, management efficiency, and financial sustainability of water operators as well as to represent and advance their members interest and performance. P-WON will lead in coordinating, working and linking its member operators with these regional and international set of connections. Continuous dialogue, consultation and joint activities with regional associations will remain top priority of P-WON that will strengthen partnership between P-WON and national or international associations. Taking advantage of P-WON platform, the stakeholders can be better linked and coordinated with local & worldwide water and sanitation associations through the following core activities:

1)      Seminars

2)      Conferences

3)      Leadership forums

4)      Development of W&S Operator’s directory (operator’s profile, operator’s location, operator’s type or operational areas, service indicators etc and access to operator’s database) 

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