Objective 5: Enhance Transparency And Accountability Of Urban Water, Sanitation Operators

P-WON will invest in advocacy to include small water & sanitation operators and civil society actors in P-WON. After two years P-WON will formally open membership for CSOs, NGOs, small water & sanitation operators and labor unions to join P-WON to improve transparency and accountability of its members. Further, P-WON will focus, promote and facilitate measures to adopt different demonstrated community involvement approaches to ensure the community participation in various facets of service delivery. Moreover, P-WON will encourage and promote access to information, transparency, and accountability within the context of municipal water and sanitation service delivery by member operators through following approaches:

·       Promoting assessment and monitoring system;

·      Promoting institutional reforms to address issues like tariff rationalization, organizational management, performance monitoring system improvement;

·      Facilitating the involvement of Community Based Organization (CBOs) in O&M of WS system;

·      Promoting active participation of CSOs, NGOs, Labour Unions, and Small WS operators after providing necessary trainings through WASAs, PHEDs and others;

·      Enhancing public awareness regarding water & sanitation issues;

·      Promoting access to information amongst different stakeholders through meetings, media, data sharing (website) and public participation.


The website will be provided a set of nine (9) core indicators along with data definitions & formulae that will allow easy data collection and calculation of the indicators through the software. In-addition it will also provides resources to analyze data and present results. The performance of the W&S Operators will be monitored and compared by using the following core indicators:

1.                  Service coverage

2.                  Consumption and production

3.                  Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

4.                  Metering Practices

5.                  Network performance

6.                  Cost and staffing

7.                  Quality of services

8.                  Billings and collections

9.                  Financial performance

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